Change of the Guard

Jim and I got in around noon.  John kindly picked us up at the airport, dropping Jerry off to go home at the same time. (It’s spring break, so there is not a rental car to be had)  John took us straight to the hospital, where Jim went up to see Carole, Harry, and Carole Ann.   John then took me to Harry and Carole’s.  A little later, Carole Ann and Harry returned.  All three of these intrepid souls grabbed a much needed nap.    Darling sister-in-law Kim made us a really yummy taco dinner, which was much appreciated.

Carole had an MR this afternoon – I have not heard any results, but it’s Sunday, so that seems pretty normal.

Jim is very happy with how alert and oriented Carole is.  They have already shared some laughs.

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Good Progress!

Carole Ann helped Carole FaceTime with Jim and Kate and me this morning.  She showed off her latest trick, which is that she can mouth the words to a song she used to sing to Jack when Carole Ann starts the singing.   The speech therapist has come in this morning and explained that it’s sort of as if her mind is a filing cabinet — all the files are still there, but someone came in in the middle of the night and mixed them all up. Their work is to find them and put them back in order. Jim cracked “that sounds like something I would do!”  and she laughed right away.  So she’s understanding subtle things like jokes!   The subject changed, and at one point, Carole voiced a spontaneous and in context “uh-huh.”  Yay!

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Swallowing looks good!

The speech pathologist tested Carole today and confirmed that she is able to swallow things without having them go down the wrong pipe.  So she has been cleared for soft foods and will work up to more challenging stuff.  Can Liberty Creek be far behind?

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Holding steady

Carole had a brain scan today which indicates that she is not suffering from increased cranial pressure, which is good news.

She is still not speaking.

She had a tough night last night, and needed medication to calm her agitation.  Carole Ann spent the night with her.

Jerry flies in tonight.

Harry is hanging in there.

We expect that Carole will spend a few more days at the Gulf Coast Medical Center, before she goes to a rehabilitation facility for a few weeks.

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Carole Bock has had a stroke

Carole suffered a stroke Tuesday morning, March 16, 2021.

She was taken to the hospital in North Ft. Myers, where the neuro-interventionalist suggested she was a candidate for a procedure which can often clear blockages in the brain.  She underwent that procedure, which was able to unblock 2 of 3 areas.

Last night, she was alert but unable to speak.

This morning, she is able to walk and make sounds, but not intelligible speech yet.

She will have an MR and an Echo today.

We’ll keep updating this space.

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