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We are all very tired of the waiting game. Carole is still in the hospital, where, to be fair, the care is excellent, provided by staff who really care.  The communication from the social service case worker team is not great, and we don’t understand why we are not hearing from them, but, given the excellent care, we are trying really hard not to be “that guy.”  Jim is on the case, and trying to be reasonable.  As a wise colleague of his reminded him today “everybody is exhausted.”  That is universally true for hospital staff, everywhere, so we really NEED to be kind and patient.  I am here to tell you that an excellent meal at Bianca’s and a little Pinot Grigio is helping me with that, but Jim and Dad are having to get by on excellent food plus lemonade.

P.S. if you are ever offered a sandwich from Captain Bill’s in North Fort Myers, do not turn down this opportunity. John and Kim catered last night’s dinner and it was amazing.

So yeah, we are grumpy and impatient, but exceedingly well fed.

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Maybe we’ll know something end of day

Jim had a nice long talk with a nurse on Carole’s floor.  She’s doing well – she’s been calm and did 45 minutes of speech therapy this morning.   Apparently, the workflow at this hospital is to work on discharges AFTER ICU and inpatient folks, so we may hear about the next placement today, or maybe not.

Meanwhile, Harry is out hitting golf balls, Jim is taking conference calls, John is taking care of the bills, and Val is running errands and doing laundry.  A bit of normality in the whirlwind!

Harry and Carole’s Inverness house sale closed yesterday, so that is one big worry off their plate.

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No move today – maybe tomorrow.

Carole Ann and Jack will go home on Monday, as Jim and I come back down to spell them for the week.

Jim figures with things calmer he may actually be able to work remotely.  The pandemic has been good for flexibility on this point!

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Holding Pattern Continues

We learned today that there may be a rehab facility willing to take in an asymptomatic, fully vaccinated, Covid-positive patient!  Since we would very much prefer that Carole gets professional help with her speech and movement, this is very exciting. She is spending another night in the hospital, one which we hope will be the last before she moves places.

Her heart is doing great – seems they do finally have the meds worked out.

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Sigh, not so fast…

We really thought Carole was moving today but it is not to be. She tested positive for Covid (she is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic) and so will not be accepted at the rehab place.  She will be going home for 10 days, and then we will try for rehab again.  The family is working out who can stay with Harry and Carole for this interim period.

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Moving Day!

Carole was much more cooperative yesterday, and had a quiet night last night.  They are making one last tweak to her medication, and moving her today to:

Rehabilitation Hospital (yes, that’s the actual name of the place!)
2776 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901

We are excited, hoping she will find this new place much more comfortable, and we are looking forward to great strides as she gets the intensive therapy the folks there  provide.

This place is also much closer to the house, which will be a nice thing for the rest of us!

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Great Leap Forward, Small Step Back

Carole will not be going to the rehab hospital today, because a communication lapse led to her being injected with heart medication last night instead of being given it orally. For obvious reasons, the rehab wants her meds managed orally before she comes over there.

In the meantime, the lady who was writing nonsense words in all caps 2 days ago is writing understandable, correctly spelled words in her impeccable handwriting!!!!

Sentence structure is not quite there, but still, we are very excited!

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Strong in Spirit!

Carole has decided she is done with being imprisoned.  She waited till Carole Ann was asleep last night to make a break for it – nursing staff found her wandering down the hall.  She is apparently completely over being in the hospital, and is rebelling in some fairly amusing ways – she ate her pudding FIRST at dinner today, eyeing Jim, seemingly looking for him to object.  She did well with PT and OT but was pretty mad at both Jim and Carole Ann who are taking it in stride.

They expect to move her tomorrow to

Rehabilitation Hospital (yes, that’s the actual name of the place!)
2776 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901

I will confirm here when she has indeed moved.


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Settling the heart down

They didn’t really monitor heart medications over the weekend, so it’s taken a day to get things changed up  (they are moving Carole to oral meds) and then to make sure they are working ok.

As the meds kick in, Carole’s heart is behaving itself better, making it more possible to make the move to the rehab place.

Carole Ann is spelling Jim tonight.  We had a facetime call a little bit ago in which Mom “sang” the abc song (not much volume but we can see that she is making her mouth move appropriately) and tried to say “I love you” to Harry.

Jim had conference call tonight in which his boss asked everyone to pray for Carole (gotta love Catholic Health Care!)

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Great Leaps Forward

Carole can say “No” (what a surprise!) and “spoon” now.

She drank ensure with a straw in the morning, by evening she drank water directly from the water bottle.

She can touch her thumb to each finger of the same hand.

She’s grumpy because the TV channel changer is glitching, so it feels like we have her back.

Lack of sleep is starting to show among the rest of the crew.  The support team follies today were minor, thanks to vigilant guardian angels.  Harry had a fall this morning and bought himself 4 stitches in his elbow and an nice fat bandage on his shin. He may have strained a groin muscle as well, but is bearing up.  Val spent a lot of quality time in the Publix parking lot, while Peeb enjoyed running back and forth trying to remember who needed keys in the hospital parking lot.  Jim is staying with Carole again tonight.

Looks like she may go to acute rehab tomorrow.

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