We are all very tired of the waiting game. Carole is still in the hospital, where, to be fair, the care is excellent, provided by staff who really care.  The communication from the social service case worker team is not great, and we don’t understand why we are not hearing from them, but, given the excellent care, we are trying really hard not to be “that guy.”  Jim is on the case, and trying to be reasonable.  As a wise colleague of his reminded him today “everybody is exhausted.”  That is universally true for hospital staff, everywhere, so we really NEED to be kind and patient.  I am here to tell you that an excellent meal at Bianca’s and a little Pinot Grigio is helping me with that, but Jim and Dad are having to get by on excellent food plus lemonade.

P.S. if you are ever offered a sandwich from Captain Bill’s in North Fort Myers, do not turn down this opportunity. John and Kim catered last night’s dinner and it was amazing.

So yeah, we are grumpy and impatient, but exceedingly well fed.