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We are gradually getting Harry and Carole settled in their new place.  I took this pic a couple of weeks ago…

Note Harry’s Executive work station with cardboard box credenza!

The process has been set back a bit by a plumbing disaster this week – the guy who came to fix the shower that only rained hot water broke the valve, and flooded the bathroom and both bedrooms.  So now they are getting lovely new wood floors, along with cold water in the shower, hopefully.

We had them over to our place to watch the Sox game this afternoon – pretty great to have a 10 minute ride down Michigan Avenue instead of the hour schlep from the suburbs!  Katie and Jimmy came by, and we had Steve, Rachel, and little Nolan on Facetime, so it was a lot of family fun!

Carole’s speech is coming along more slowly than she’d like, but noticeably to the rest of us.  It tends to be at it’s best after morning coffee and as she tires into the evening, it gets harder for her to find the words in conversation.  We find we are spending a LOT less time playing guessing games about what she’s trying to say, because much more of the time she’s able to express it.  Jim Jr. points out that she has achieved what no other family member has done: getting this bunch of chatterboxes to stop to LISTEN to what another family member has to say!  She’s still shy of phone conversations, just because it’s so frustrating when she can’t find the words she’s looking for, and it’s not possible to fill the gap with facial expressions and hand gestures.

So that’s the news from here.  It was great just to do something as normal as hang out and watch a game! Hope all of you are enjoying a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!

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New Home, At Last!

Carole and Harry got to sleep in their own bed last night!  Harry says they are going a little nuts trying to find things, but that it’s good to be in their own space.

Carole Ann reported this afternoon:

“Guess who just sat down at the piano and played! Not one-note little ditties. She played an improvisational duet of heart and soul where she played with both hands and improvised all sorts of fun stuff. She can play!!!

So things are good.  If you’d like to correspond with them this summer, their address will be

Harry and Carole Bock
850 N. Lake Shore Drive, Apartment 1102
Chicago, IL  60611

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Working at Rehab

Carole started at the Ability Lab on Monday.  They are working her hard, 3 hours a day, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

It’s very cool – already we are seeing changes.  She can string several sentences together when she’s well-rested.

Jim and I will be at a distance for the next little bit –  but we will pass on news that comes to us!

We’re headed to Seattle to meet this little guy.  Please meet Carole and Harry’s great grandson, Nolan Bock! Born Thursday May 4, 8 lbs, 3 oz, 20 inches.  Mom Rachel and baby are doing well.  Dad Steve is pretty tired, but also proud, happy and thrilled!

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Settling in

Carole and Harry have now been at the condo for 2 weeks and seem to be settling in, but are definitely looking forward to having their own place sometime after May 10!

Carole Ann took Carole to get her hair done yesterday and she looks terrific.  Val took Harry to get a cut, so now they are just wildy glamorous together.

Carole has been to her new primary care doc, who we like a lot.  After her appointment Carole was able to say “I am hungry and thirsty!” so they stopped for lunch at Beatrix, a delightful restaurant in the Northwestern Medical complex. Then they took a short walk over to the apartment building Carole Ann lives in (she’s on the 10th floor, they will be on the 11th)

The words are coming.  We expect that they will start to come faster as she gets some professional help.  Meanwhile, Harry works with her on the homework sent with her discharge papers from Lee Hospital each and every day, so we can see how things that were beyond her just a few days ago are now within her powers.

Thanks everyone, for all the prayers.  They are working!


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