Carole and Harry have now been at the condo for 2 weeks and seem to be settling in, but are definitely looking forward to having their own place sometime after May 10!

Carole Ann took Carole to get her hair done yesterday and she looks terrific.  Val took Harry to get a cut, so now they are just wildy glamorous together.

Carole has been to her new primary care doc, who we like a lot.  After her appointment Carole was able to say “I am hungry and thirsty!” so they stopped for lunch at Beatrix, a delightful restaurant in the Northwestern Medical complex. Then they took a short walk over to the apartment building Carole Ann lives in (she’s on the 10th floor, they will be on the 11th)

The words are coming.  We expect that they will start to come faster as she gets some professional help.  Meanwhile, Harry works with her on the homework sent with her discharge papers from Lee Hospital each and every day, so we can see how things that were beyond her just a few days ago are now within her powers.

Thanks everyone, for all the prayers.  They are working!