Thursday Afternoon

We just got word that Dad will be moving this afternoon to the rehabilitation wing of  RadfordGreen at Sedgebrook in Lincolnshire.  This is great – mom has friends who have been there, the place is a 15 minute drive from 175 Danbury, and it comes highly recommended by one of the lovely techs who have been helping Dad here at the hospital.

Those prayers we offered when the Chaplain came by and offered us all Holy Communion, and those of all of you lovely people, continue to help us along. Thanks for your love and support!

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Thursday Morning

Sheila and I are at the hospital this morning, where Dad has improved markedly.  The rehab placement has not yet come through, but maybe today.  He is out of the bed, and in the chair  for his breakfast, literally “sitting up and taking nourishment” to use a favorite phrase of his.  Having decided that they have conspired to take all flavor out of eggs at this establishment, he has opted for oatmeal this morning.  The oatmeal comes with a cinnamon sugar topping, so there is hope.

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Wednesday morning

Dad looks terrific this morning, very much alert and oriented and no doubt cheered by the prospect of being released today, and before that, a SHOWER.  It’s the little things…  Hoping the person at the approval desk at the insurance company had a great night’s sleep and an excellent breakfast and will soon move our little project along to the next phase!

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Tuesday Afternoon

We checked off a bunch of boxes today.  Dad is off all IV meds, and has been medically cleared to leave the hospital.  OT and PT evaluated him and agree that inpatient rehab is needed to get his strength and balance back in order to return safely home.  We have identified a few likely places for him to go, but apparently the wheels are grinding slowly in the getting insurance approval step, which means Dad will be here at the hospital for another night.

Dad is continuing to eat well, but the lack of sleep has him more disoriented as the day wears on.  We are hoping he gets a decent night’s sleep and perks up a bit in the morning.

Tune in tomorrow for more exciting developments!

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Monday Evening

No word on PT, guess that’s for tomorrow.  Unless they need this fancy step down room, Dad will get to stay here tonight.  Shift change has happened and we’ve met the nurse and tech for the evening.  Sheila and Mom went down to the cafeteria and brought up dinner for the 3 of us.  Dad, of course gets room service.  The difference between tonight, when he enjoyed a dinner of tilapia, green beans, and ice cream, and last night, when he really wasn’t interested in even 2 bites of meat loaf, and had trouble swallowing his water, is gratifying.

We will spend the time till 8p watching Clemson v. Wake Forest.  Then Sheila, Mom and I will be kicked out and so return to 175 Danbury Ct.

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Monday Afternoon

All kinds of tests have come back with encouraging results.  We are waiting on some blood cultures, but otherwise, Dad looks good. He’s tired, because it’s hard to get more than a catnap in with all the interruptions.

They did a brief evaluation of Dad’s mobility.  It’s pretty terrible – he has lost some strength and some balance. It’s helpful that he, too, understands how limited he is right now.  A PT evaluation has been ordered, and we will await those recommendations.  This evaluation may push his release to tomorrow, and he may be released to a skilled nursing facility to build up his strength rather than to home.

We will keep you posted!

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Monday Morning

Dad is MUCH more himself this morning.  They supported his heart rate with dopamine last night, but stopped it early this morning, and he is successfully pumping his heart at a decent rate on his own now.  The antibiotics appear to be doing their thing, as his white count is down, as well.

They did a chest CT this morning, and and echo of his kidneys.  There’s a heart echo that is to happen in a little while.  They want to watch him for the afternoon, and depending on how that goes, he might be released tonight.

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Sunday Afternoon

They have been worried during the day about dad’s “bradycardic” (who knows if the spelling is correct on that one) low heart rate, which seemed to get worse after his medications were administered.  Dr. Conolly asked to review the med lists I brought and noted right away that metoprolol, which appeared incorrectly on the med list maintained by NU Cardiology, is not on the list reviewed by dad’s NorthShore primary care doc August 5th.   They feel certain that the metoprolol which was administered with the rest of the meds they gave him this morning at 10 a.m. is behind the slowed heart rate.   With that discovery, Connolly called in the cardiologist on call here at the hospital, who again asked about the history of dad’s symptoms.  The story we are telling is that Dad was lethargic and sickish all day Saturday, so while today’s worsened lethargy is likely aggravated by the med error, it is not the root cause.
The rest of today is about administering glucagon, which is to counteract the metoprolol.  It will take a while because of course he was given sustained-release version of metoprolol which will be acting on his system for 24 hours.
There will be an incident report about this.  Dr. Connolly is being very transparent and professional, which we appreciate.  He ordered that dad be moved from his current general care room to a “step-down” unit  (which is a step down from ICU, and a step up from where he was, where the nurses only have 1 or 2 patients instead of the 4 or 5 they watch in a normal room)  They want to monitor him carefully as they undo this error.
Katie came by today with Zach, and had a chance to talk to Dr. Connolly. She’s very impressed with him, too.
The new room has a WINDOW, and is about twice as big as the former broom closet, where dad was definitely feeling claustrophobic.
While they were ordering up the glucagon, Dr. Connolly asked Sheila and me to please try to keep dad awake, since his heart rate falls when he falls asleep.  We laughed at this order to be ultra-annoying to our father and observed that we had decades of experience in this realm.  But as you can imagine, it has been no fun at all to bug him in this way.  Now that the glucagon is starting to do it’s work, we are allowed to let him sleep.
Mom got her booster, and has not called us.  We have not called her because if she’s sleeping, we don’t want to interrupt that.  She has our numbers and can call us when/if she wants a ride back for a while this evening.
So today we fix the first problem, tomorrow there will be additional testing to try to get to the bottom of what started all this fun.
Kate and Zach were kind enough to get sandwiches for sheila and me.   For now, email is probably the best way to communicate as we’d rather not have the texts pinging while he’s finally asleep.
Dad’s thinking has sort of been in and out, but he totally aced the mental status exam, as he does every time his faculties are put to the test. One of the tests was a drawing which shows kids on a stool stealing cookies from a cookie jar, while their mom who must be on valium or something is washing dishes in an overflowing sink.  Dad’s read:  “The kids are stealing cookies.  Their mother is trying to forget the whole sordid affair.”
So he’s hanging in there.  And so are we.
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Sunday Morning

Sheila joined us at 6 this morning, and we toddled over to the hospital in time to meet Dr. Sean Brett Connolly, M.D., and dreamboat out of the comic pages, explained that there are some conflicting indicators, and they are not quite sure what is happening. They have treated him with antibiotics and his white count is coming down. His chest x-ray might have shown early pneumonia, so they are taking another chest x-ray today.  His heart is more congested than usual, but not as high as it has been for him.   Dr Connolly wants to powwow with dad’s cardiologist, Dr. Shortall, tomorrow, and run some tests that are not available today. They are neither adding nor subtracting fluid
Mom is insistent that she wants to get her booster shot and pick up some stuff for Dad at Walgreens.  Sheila will take my car to take mom back home for a while.  I’m hanging here for now.
Dad is in good form, making sense again (yay!)  He clearly charmed the heck out of the doc, from the way I heard the doc talking to nurses about Dad as I passed them.
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Jack is Hospitalized

Dad felt some strange pains in his neck and shoulders on Friday, September 23.  Sheila is in town for her HS reunion, and so accompanied mom and dad to the Emergency Department at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital.   They h did a major workup – scans of his chest, heart and head, and didn’t find anything, releasing him with a diagnosis of “stiff neck”

I drove up when I heard they were going to the hospital and got there just in time to bring everybody home. Sheila zoomed off to her reunion, and mom and dad and I had a nice dinner and turned in early.

Saturday morning, Dad was having too much trouble moving around for getting him showered to work. He went back to bed, but then never really felt up to getting up again.  He was having trouble moving, and wasn’t always making the best sense. We let him snooze for a long time, but I finally asked if he’d do a video call with Jim.  Jim did not like the way he looked and recommended that we return to the hospital.

We did. It took from 6 p till 10 p to get the decision that dad would be admitted.  Covid protocols mean that all visitors must leave the premises at 8 p, so we kissed dad goodnight and went home for a late supper and a snooze.


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