Sheila joined us at 6 this morning, and we toddled over to the hospital in time to meet Dr. Sean Brett Connolly, M.D., and dreamboat out of the comic pages, explained that there are some conflicting indicators, and they are not quite sure what is happening. They have treated him with antibiotics and his white count is coming down. His chest x-ray might have shown early pneumonia, so they are taking another chest x-ray today.  His heart is more congested than usual, but not as high as it has been for him.   Dr Connolly wants to powwow with dad’s cardiologist, Dr. Shortall, tomorrow, and run some tests that are not available today. They are neither adding nor subtracting fluid
Mom is insistent that she wants to get her booster shot and pick up some stuff for Dad at Walgreens.  Sheila will take my car to take mom back home for a while.  I’m hanging here for now.
Dad is in good form, making sense again (yay!)  He clearly charmed the heck out of the doc, from the way I heard the doc talking to nurses about Dad as I passed them.