Saturday Fun

We have a negative Covid test for Carole,  and a visit from Jimmy.  Katie had this fun idea for something to keep Carole out of trouble, so now we will have to think about rolling up the piano in time for dinner.

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Working the checklist

We are making good progress through the checklist.  Carole got a PCR Covid test today, per the request of the AbilityLab.   We’ve also got her and Harry signed up to meet new primary care docs down here.

They are really looking forward to the temperatures rising, though.  We Chicagoans are basking in 60 degree heat, and they still want their jackets. 🙂

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Becoming a Pro

Carole has apparently decided that she is DONE with pill drama.  She has a lot to take in the evening, and tonight, took a bunch at once, and then dealt individually with the two large ones.  The whole thing was done within 2 minutes.  She and Harry are settling into the condo, and gradually, we are filling in the stuff that they need that didn’t get packed.

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Breakfasting al Condo

Harry and Carole got up this morning.  I made coffee, they made toast, and a little later it was time to take her pills. Carole took charge of this operation.  There’s still one pill that is sufficiently large that it needs to be crushed, but otherwise, no surprise, the lady who knows how she wants to do it can do it in half the time it takes when she is assisted!

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Settled in in Chicago

John drove us to Utica, Illinois today, where he and Kim will hunker down until this silly historic forecasted snow passes.

Carole Ann picked me, Katie, Carole and Harry up and drove us into the city.  Katie is home re-united with her kitties (and we suspect, her boyfriend.)   Carole Ann came up to the condo with us and helped her folks settle in, and stayed to enjoy a welcome back feast of Malnatis pizza.    Carole and Harry enjoyed a little Jeopardy (gotta do reruns because it plays early here in Chicago!) and some Wheel of Fortune and then retired for the evening.

Carole and Harry will be staying here till May 10, when their apartment in Carole Ann’s building becomes available. She should be able to start speech therapy May 2.

If you’d like to write, the address here is  Carole Bock, c/o  James Bock, 1841 S. Calumet Av, #1507, Chicago, IL 60616

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Sunrise over the Ohio

Our day is off to a gorgeous start!

As we approached the Ohio River from Paducah, Carole uttered what I think was the first observational sentence I’ve heard, “That looks like an Illinois Bridge!”

Sure enough. As we crossed the Ohio River into Illinois, we were treated to this delightful sunrise:

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Resplendent surroundings

Saturday afternoon we stopped for the night.  Katie and I went exploring and I took a few pix.

We’re talking water, electric AND sewer! Woohoo!

There was a woodland area where it looks like they started to build a road and just gave up.

We did have an excellent dinner grubhubbed from a place called “Georgia Bob’s” featuring pulled pork, sausage, fried pickles and freshly prepared pork rinds.

The impending snow storm is changing our travel plans a bit. We will try to get to Southern Illinois today, so that there is time to drop us in Kankakee (Carole Ann will pick us up and take us to the city, while John and Kim head south to Princeton, hopefully avoiding freezing temperatures, or scoring a place which permits them to heat this vehicle which does not like freezing temperatures much!

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True Friendship

Ken and Rita Ortman got up in the dark this morning to hug Carole and Harry good bye and to wish her well with her speech therapy.  It was such a lovely send off.

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On the Road!

We were up at 0-dark-thirty this morning so that we could get on the road.

Kim has outfitted the RV with everything a person might desire – the coffee was ALREADY BREWED when we climbed aboard. Carole and Harry are snoozing in the back bedroom, Kate and I are at the dinette. John is at the wheel and Kim and Bob are riding shotgun.

When we turned on the radio, Tom Petty’s “Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee” came on, and looking around this deluxe accommodation, that would seem to be the case.

The organization of this team is impressive.  We all worked our checklists, and we think we’ve got everything, though I guess we’ll find out.  I’ll post some pix when we’ve got a bit more connectivity.

Carole was in good form this morning.  We find that when she’s relaxed and not thinking too hard about it, bits of speech just zoom out.  She said “I love you too” to Jim in phone convo last night, and we heard “What!” coming out of the bedroom this morning. Can  the exasperated version  HAR-RRRRRY!” be far behind?

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