John drove us to Utica, Illinois today, where he and Kim will hunker down until this silly historic forecasted snow passes.

Carole Ann picked me, Katie, Carole and Harry up and drove us into the city.  Katie is home re-united with her kitties (and we suspect, her boyfriend.)   Carole Ann came up to the condo with us and helped her folks settle in, and stayed to enjoy a welcome back feast of Malnatis pizza.    Carole and Harry enjoyed a little Jeopardy (gotta do reruns because it plays early here in Chicago!) and some Wheel of Fortune and then retired for the evening.

Carole and Harry will be staying here till May 10, when their apartment in Carole Ann’s building becomes available. She should be able to start speech therapy May 2.

If you’d like to write, the address here is  Carole Bock, c/o  James Bock, 1841 S. Calumet Av, #1507, Chicago, IL 60616