Dad felt some strange pains in his neck and shoulders on Friday, September 23.  Sheila is in town for her HS reunion, and so accompanied mom and dad to the Emergency Department at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital.   They h did a major workup – scans of his chest, heart and head, and didn’t find anything, releasing him with a diagnosis of “stiff neck”

I drove up when I heard they were going to the hospital and got there just in time to bring everybody home. Sheila zoomed off to her reunion, and mom and dad and I had a nice dinner and turned in early.

Saturday morning, Dad was having too much trouble moving around for getting him showered to work. He went back to bed, but then never really felt up to getting up again.  He was having trouble moving, and wasn’t always making the best sense. We let him snooze for a long time, but I finally asked if he’d do a video call with Jim.  Jim did not like the way he looked and recommended that we return to the hospital.

We did. It took from 6 p till 10 p to get the decision that dad would be admitted.  Covid protocols mean that all visitors must leave the premises at 8 p, so we kissed dad goodnight and went home for a late supper and a snooze.