Carole can say “No” (what a surprise!) and “spoon” now.

She drank ensure with a straw in the morning, by evening she drank water directly from the water bottle.

She can touch her thumb to each finger of the same hand.

She’s grumpy because the TV channel changer is glitching, so it feels like we have her back.

Lack of sleep is starting to show among the rest of the crew.  The support team follies today were minor, thanks to vigilant guardian angels.  Harry had a fall this morning and bought himself 4 stitches in his elbow and an nice fat bandage on his shin. He may have strained a groin muscle as well, but is bearing up.  Val spent a lot of quality time in the Publix parking lot, while Peeb enjoyed running back and forth trying to remember who needed keys in the hospital parking lot.  Jim is staying with Carole again tonight.

Looks like she may go to acute rehab tomorrow.