Carole has been discharged and they are just waiting for the reconciliation of the medications.  Dr. Katie and Harry are at the hospital.

In other great news, Carole has been accepted for intensive outpatient speech therapy at Northwestern Medical’s  Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago   These folks have a sterling reputation AND a 6-hour-per-day program which is more than she would get down here in Florida.  (Fun fact, Val shared a grad school apartment with Shirley’s niece, Carolyn Phillips, back when the dinosaurs roamed)

Accommodations are being worked on, but the current plan is to have a rollicking road trip up to Chicago in John Bock’s RV this weekend.  Harry and Carole will be guests at the fabulous Museum Park Place condo of Val and Jim, while their new Chicago area home is being spun up.

I hope to post a nice pic of Carole in her own digs this evening.