Sheila and I went over to the rehab place on Friday morning.

For folks who want to write or call, he is

John Curran
Room 331
Radford-Green at Sedgebrook
960 Audubon Way
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069

His room has a phone, the number is (847) 613-3931 

Dad looked great.  Funny, he had a better sleep without all the wires everywhere, and he declared the breakfast “excellent.”   He basically held court all morning with various care providers.  His PT and OT assessments went well.  He’s already much stronger than when he was assessed in the hospital, and the PT says “there is a lot of potential here!”

Mom and I went over again later in the afternoon.  He was in a bit of pain in his neck and shoulders.  We’re not sure whether that’s a recurrence of the mystery pain he had last Friday, or just the result of the workout he had for his assessments.

Mom, Sheila and I are taking some time to catch our respective breaths.  Mom has arranged rides to visit dad over the weekend.  I am in the city with Jim till some time Sunday afternoon, then I’ll go back to Mom’s.  Sheila has at last flown home from her rather extended HS reunion trip.