Several people asked for an update, so here it is: it’s been a few rough days. After a lot of thinking and reading and a long consultation with the doctors, we agreed to have a tracheostomy–an insertion of a tube through Dad’s trachea. This should help him breathe better and has better long-term prospects, though it is invasive and will make speaking impossible in the short run and difficult in the long run. In addition, dad has picked up two blood infections and a bacterium, which is always a serious risk in the ICU and especially for someone on ECMO. Mom is massaging his hands and legs, talking to him, and playing music for him. I made a 4-hour playlist with every song I think Dad ever sang or loved and will continue to add to it. I am now in the U.S. with Rio and will fly back to Israel with him as soon as his school year ends, unless I’m needed sooner. Before he went to sleep Dad made it clear that he did not want to die and wanted us to fight for him, so that’s what we’re doing. Thank you for caring about us.