We don’t have any new updates since the ivig was administered. It was a four-day dose and it ended about three days ago. We were hoping to see improvement but, sadly, there’s no visible improvement to the lung damage picture, nor have the doctors been able to successfully wean Dad off the Ecmo. Things are pretty much the way they were.

I’m in the US now – I hadn’t seen Rio for three weeks and he’s still very young to be without me for so long. But I’ll return to Israel as soon as his school year ends. In the meantime, good ways to help and support my mom might be to visit my dad and text her ahead of time, so that she can occasionally get some rest in the evenings. Visiting hours in the ICU are 1-2pm and 6-7pm. Dad is intubated and asleep, but he can hear you when you talk to him and he registers emotion when he hears a favorite voice or piece of music.