Yesterday, a few hours after the insertion of the Ecmo (the lung tubing), Dad was transferred to the operating room and a lung biopsy was performed on him, so the doctors can obtain samples that might help crack what’s wrong with him. The biopsy went well and dad was returned to intensive care, and now samples are being sent out everywhere in the country. The surgeons and intensive care doctors were very surprised that dad’s lungs, I quote, “actually look fine”. On the one hand, this is encouraging: they did not find fibrosis, dead tissue, etc. It also means that, as things stand now, a lung transplant is unnecessary. Dad’s lung functions have also improved a little. On the other hand, if the lung looks fine, what could this be? During the next few days we very much hope that there will be answers. The fact that, in his critical condition, he managed to survive two very difficult and scary procedures is a little encouraging. We hope for the best.